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Leadership and Career Report - a la carte

Congratulations on your first step to understanding Your Purpose as it relates to your leadership and ideal job characteristics! You are on your way to gaining keen insight into:

  • The characteristics of work/career that add joy and meaning to your life.
  • Clarity through a visceral sense of purpose in work and life.
  • Your specific leadership traits, challenges, and needs, as well as your ideal job characteristics.
  • Specific recommended strategies for engagement, collaboration and goal acquisition.


What People Are Saying:

In reading my Report, I thought "WOW". If I had something like this when I left my corporate job 12 years ago, it would have really boosted my confidence starting out as an entrepreneur!

Dyanne Joyner, Self-Expression Coach

The Report was very applicable. Knowing my Design, this report was the shortest, most succinct, practical, and actionable report I’ve ever seen. Honestly Grace. Great job!

Trev Montavon, Master of Zilch Podcast Host

It was really spot on. It picked up a lot of the traits I recognize as my natural strengths. In the Ideal Job Characteristics, I realized that I should be looking for a role where I can do more of these things that come easily to me. The shadow part was accurate too!

Susan Pistacchi, Contracts Manager

In reviewing the Report, my initial observation is that it's an emotional experience, and I can't explain why (nor do I feel I have to). It's definitely opening up some channels in me. I've spent the last couple of years pushing away leadership, organization, and program management to seek my dharma (or calling), sometimes in faraway lands. Yet this report speaks otherwise—powerful and yet emotional. Thank you."

Richard Quattrocchi, MBA-Credentialed, Multilingual Professional

The Report gave me a better understanding of my own style and how I come across to others, as well as a clearer understanding of what I've been going through and why. As for ideal job characteristics, I love the clarity and simplicity that this provided me! I connected with the different characteristics, remembering how it felt to me when they were in play in other jobs I have had in the past. 

Julia Todd, Teacher

The 'What's My Purpose?' program would be very useful especially for a young person, in college or in their 20's anyway, and I can recommend it to any young person who may be seeking some career direction.

Cliff Mikkelson, Author and Artist

I liked the "General Traits As A Leader" because I can see those qualities in me when I read it. Especially when I reflect in hindsight, I see how and when I've made an impact. I see the truth of it in the results from the roles I've had when I was really plugged into my powerful self, and in what I do organically as well.

Deb Klueter, Holistic Nurse & Energyworker