What is the Know Yourself Revolution?

knowyourselfrevolution Jun 21, 2023

In 2019, during meditation, I was inspired with a goal to positively impact 5 million people by 2025. Today in 2021, I count more than 3.5 million lives I’ve touched, so I have upgraded my goal to 5 billion people and added a qualifier: through the Know Yourself Revolution. What does this mean?

I envision a world where everyone knows themselves, loves themselves and practices self-care. As a leader in the Know Yourself Revolution,  I proudly support my personal development colleagues in Human Design, Enneagram and other modalities likes StrengthsFinder, which continue to play an important role in helping each person learn about themselves in a way that most resonates with them.

In this New Paradigm that I envision: 

  • It is common and “normal” to tap into intuition, and there is abundance for everyone, because everyone is operating according to their Strategy and being and doing what they're here to be and do (not trying to live someone else's life).

  • People listen to their Inner GPS to make the best decisions for them, so they are now much happier and satisfied because they’re no longer trying to be like everyone else.

  • The idea of “keeping up with the Joneses” is referred to occasionally with laughter about “the old days” when people were still out of touch with their Design.

Are you one of us? If this vision resonates, let’s join forces so that together, we can positively impact 5 billion people by 2025!.

Be sure to watch the clip in the header section above (if you're on a desktop computer) that illustrates what this transition from the Old to the New Paradigm could look like! It's from Dr. Steven Greer's recent documentary called "The Lost Century and How to Reclaim It"



What is the Know Yourself Revolution?

Jun 21, 2023