Belief #1

Change CAN be both fun AND easy, and this starts when you choose to adopt this belief.

Belief #2

Organizational change begins with each individual's change journey and is supported by personal responsibility.

Belief #3

You are perfectly designed to be and do exactly what you're here to be and do. Living in alignment is key.


I am a Change Advisor, Speaker and Best-Selling Author. I've led large-scale change efforts in the US and the UK for more than 20 years, helping leaders and individuals adapt to the quantum pace of innovation in the workplace and in their personal lives.

I earned my M.A. in Transnational Communication and Global Media my B.S. in Public Relations, helping me understand globalization and it's impact on people and work.

I set up internal change management organizations to support change agility and teach change resiliency and how to maximize impact through personal development.

My first book "Purpose by Design" launched earlier this year. My next book, "
Quantum Change Management", is coming soon.






After years as an international change expert consulting governments and global organizations, my “perfect” life was shattered by a divorce, layoff, downsizing, and health crisis all within a short time period.

While applying professional transformation tools to my own change crisis, I realized the missing component was energy. Raising my frequency was key to my and my clients’ personal transformation. I achieved this by becoming a Human Design coach, dynamic speaker and trainer, change catalyst and podcast host. Grace is here to connect, motivate, and inspire.

Now I teach change resiliency, living in alignment, and how to maximize impact through higher frequency for better health, wealth, and purpose. 

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Douglas Wood, PMP

Grace designed a comprehensive OCM program for Cowlitz PUD during the CIS Phase of the ERP Project. Studies show that most IT projects fail because organizations underestimate the need for a comprehensive OCM program.

Thanks to the contributions of Grace, Cowlitz was able to achieve project objectives and was recognized by CS Week & Electric Light and Power as the CIS Project of the Year in May 2013. Thank you Grace!

Priscilla Tiberio, MBA

When a company is under new leadership and change IS the new normal, you need someone that can understand the change, anticipate the impact and facilitate you through to the other side. Grace provided that leadership and change management experience we needed at several pivotal times.

I had the opportunity to work with Grace as we were continuously rolling out change that impacted my teams. Her knowledge and experience were invaluable to us as Managers trying to guide our employees through. We collaborated multiple times on projects developing communication strategies, management guidance and continuous support throughout the change. This interaction made a big difference in how our employees were able to embrace and move quickly to the other side of change, maintain trust and transparency and confidence in leadership.

If your organization is dealing with change or you recognize change is the new norm for most companies, I highly recommend Grace. 

Shari (Sommer) Chernack

Grace and I overlapped at Deloitte, and she worked in the same group at Dell after I did. Grace brings a very positive, empowering perspective to change management and transformation.

She has a penchant for relationship building and helps people understand their strengths in ways that make them feel ready to take on the world. These are precisely the kinds of skills that make someone a great coach. I highly recommend Grace to anyone who wants to imagine a great future and take the steps needed to get there.

"I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to partner with Grace while working at AAC Utility Partners. She is a consummate professional who is distinguished at building relationships and is a focused communicator.

Grace has elevated my awareness of active listening and consistently inspired me to reflect on problems toward the most practical solutions. She has a natural ability to bring people together to form a cohesive team. I highly recommend Grace as a change management professional experienced in project management to come in, assess the circumstances and provide a strategy for progress."

Richard Michael Quattrochi 

"Grace has done an excellent job at developing the Organizational Change Management program at our current common client. She brings a lot of positive energy and this has contributed to kicking off the project in the right direction."

Peter Tomas

"Grace has helped me tremendously in my development as a public speaker. She has a great ability to listen to my ideas and guide me to bring them together into a coherent speech.

Her support and encouragement have given me the courage to put myself out there in ways I would never have tried on my own. I heartily recommend her."

Julia Brainin

"I had the pleasure of working with Grace on an expansive internal project spanning many teams and internal applications. Grace was able to keep the large and diverse list of team members focused on the deliverables at hand by maintaining a calm demeanor, and engaging each team representative to ensure they understood goals and deliverables as well as drawing out any issues or concerns that needed to be addressed.

Grace consistently offered her assistance in overcoming barriers and made each person feel a valued part of the team."

Sharon Haskovec

Jason Ferster

Grace gives everything she does 110%, and she brings that passion and drive to the change management practice at AAC.

She not only helps our clients successfully transform their technology environments but also consistently works to help her AAC colleagues be successful by sharing insights, passing on great content she finds online, and actively supporting company initiatives.

Kim Tully

I worked with Grace on a large-scale deployment of new tools. I valued her understanding of industry change management practices and her willingness to provide insights and feedback. She takes the extra step to summarize key points to ensure everyone is aligned during discussions. Grace provided insightful ideas and often found valuable resources to help solve challenges. 
Grace also has an incredible ability to motivate. She invited me to join Toastmasters, where at every meeting, she connected with audiences using relevant information and enthusiasm to inspire action. I have worked with many vendors providing development training and see in her a talent for that type of role. 

 Greg Page

I very much enjoyed working with Grace as a coworker. She is a consummate professional, with an excellent grasp of the details, and the relationships / ramifications to the big picture.

She is very articulate, and does an excellent job describing and explaining the project status and schedule, and how all the moving pieces fit together. She was always very well prepared for meetings, which facilitated greatly. I hope I have a chance to work with Grace again!

Thao Nguyen

Grace and I worked together on a very challenging project and I really appreciated her enthusiasm, dedication and care to the each team member.

She knows how difficult change is to an organization and her experience and expertise in this area helped the project leadership understand the important role they have in affecting and realizing change. I really enjoyed working with Grace.

Thierry Minvielle

Grace has showed a lot of passion in driving the end-to-end communication for the whole Business Transformation Program for Dell, always keeping in mind the overall objective and principles. This has been key for us as it allowed to consistently provide our stakeholders with the needed information. It also allowed me to have the right answers while challenged on some decisions that had a total sense when looking at the overall picture. Without Grace’s involvement I would have been unable to put things into perspective. 
Grace’s attitude has been great too, she’s easy to engage, always happy to help, can be on a call without notice to answer to a question. This partnership has been fantastic. 
Grace also showed some great leadership through the meetings she was driving and the actions she was taking. 

Marty Cormier 

I've come to respect and trust Grace for her optimism and belief in all that is possible. She see the possibilities beyond those of the current moment and situation and does so with confidence, sound analysis and intuitive insight and articulately inclusive communication.

Grace brings a keen sense of awareness to the team, able to see and meet people where they are. She finds caring and productive ways in which to connect and influence. Her passion and enthusiasm for the work we do is second to none. She is a bright, resourceful and effective change leader and a tremendous value to our (or any) team. 


Jan McCorstin

Grace is a team player. Very articulate, Grace is also technically savvy and uses it creatively in crafting communications. Grace is a change management professional who works to stay current in her field.

Workshop participants enjoy Grace's presentation style which is quite interactive and energetic.

Mala Mathur

I'm sure Grace receives a lot of kudos from her colleagues, but I have a story that talks about her as a person. While relocating from New York to San Diego, I reached out to Grace on LinkedIn for help and professional advice (take note of the fact, that Grace didn't know me at all before I contacted her). Over the course of the next couple of months, she connected me with relevant contacts, coached me on my options and mentored me through the entire job search process.

Owing significantly to Grace's help, I was able to find a position that perfectly suited all my requirements. So I became part of a LinkedIn success story that wouldn't have been possible without her selfless efforts.

Maurnee Zobel-Scanlon, PMP

Grace was great to work with on a very difficult project. Her attention to the details helped ensure the success of our deliverables. Grace was always willing to go above and beyond to meet our deadlines.

It's nice to work with someone who shares the same work ethic and does it with a positive attitude.


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